Monthly Archives: January 2019

Another year is on the books. If you are anything like me you have certain things you wanted to release in 2018, and certain things you want to embrace for 2019.

For quite some time I've wanted, and it has been my intention, to publish a companion workbook to A New Thought Journey through the 12 Steps. People have called and written to tell me they would love a class, they would love a way to go through the book.

And personally, to be honest, after the book was published, I had a sense of not being complete with it. As time went on, I felt I could have been more thorough with it.

Well, the companion workbook is the answer to that. Consider the book a primer, and the workbook the meat of it.

This workbook is the compilation of 30 years of research, experience and learning of 12 step philosophy and ten years of research, experience and learning of New Thought (also known as Science of Mind).  Comprehensive and thorough, this workbook contains action steps, ideas and solutions to the “God thing” as well as instruction about how to do a scientific prayer and information on the Science of Mind teaching symbol.  And promises!  After each step!

I hope you will check it out here:

Purchase your e-version or printed copies and please, spread the word to anyone you think might be interested.