A New Thought Journey Through the 12 Steps is available through Balboa Press, Amazon, and the author.

This book came about as a result of a series of conversations between the author and another Centers for Spiritual Living minister who is doing work in Ukraine, carrying the New Thought message to treatment centers there.  Due to the events in that country, speaking about God and religion is not an option, and the conversations were an exploration of ways to bring the message while conforming to the Ukrainian laws.

Linsley says, "I knew that after I graduated I wanted to write a book.  The topic fell into place after several conversations with Rev. Barbara Leger, and the book basically wrote itself!  I have been very pleased at the response to the book.  While originally I wrote it for Barbara to use in Ukraine, it seems as if the world has been waiting for this.  I've received so many notes, messages and comments from people wanting this book!  It is very exciting!"

The author is now scheduling interviews and book signings.  Contact her for more information.



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