What is this book about anyway?

If you have ever explored the 12 steps and had a problem with the old fashioned language, then this book is for you.

New Thought is not really new, it is currently referred to as a Movement, but it began in the late 1800s with folks like Emma Curtis Hopkins and Ralph Waldo Emerson coming up with new ways of thinking about what was written in ancient wisdom literature such as the Bible.  Today the New Thought Movement is characterized by many independent folks teaching its principles.  People such as Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay.  There are spiritual organizations teaching the principles as well; the most well known are Centers for Spiritual Living and Unity.  The author is a minister with Centers for Spiritual Living and currently serves as Spiritual Leader at the Center for Spiritual Living Carson City.

Basically, New Thought teaches that our thoughts have power, and that God (or whatever you want to call It) is within each and every one of us.  New Thought is based on the premise that what we think tends to manifest, and if you want to change your life, change your thinking.  We teach spiritual practices such as meditation to train our minds to think in ways that better serve us, and we teach ways to discover old beliefs that are blocking our good and change those beliefs.  We base our teachings on psychology, philosophy, science and religion.

The 12 Steps are very powerful tools, that when implemented into one's life as a lifestyle, allow for a way of living that is rewarding and full of peace and joy.  They are written in a language that is old-fashioned and somewhat religious, and this tends to alienate people and prevent them from experiencing all that joy.

I've written this book to open the doors of resistance so that people who previously were unable to access the beauty and power of the steps can do so.

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