Monthly Archives: June 2022

This morning I checked my email to discover that I had received another order for the New Thought 12 Steps Book and Workbook, and it prompted me to come visit my very own web site that I had visited in a while. I realized I needed to update my bio, because much has changed in my world, so I did that.

But my commitment to and belief in a lifestyle which incorporates the principles of New Thought and the 12 steps remains intact. That will never change. I still go to meetings. In fact, I am servings as General Service Representative for my home group and I am loving it! And I am even more active in my work as a minister with Centers for Spiritual Living.

So, what does it mean to have a lifestyle which incorporates the principles of New Thought and the 12 steps?

First of all, I don’t just DO the steps. I LIVE them. Specifically steps 10, 11 and 12. While I can and frequently do sit down periodically to do a written 10th step, and share that with my sponsor, mostly life is about personal self awareness, which is described as a spiritual practice in a class offered by Centers for Spiritual Living called Spiritual Principles and Practices. I’ve taught this class. It is a great class!

And along with that personal self awareness that is simply a part of how I live my days, I also live in my connection with a Divine Energy that is the foundation of who and what I am. Always, running in the background, is an awareness, a willingness and an intention to nurture and strengthen that connection.

And of course, 12 is all about service and not only do I serve in my home group but I also serve at other levels.

This is life, lived at its richest and fullest. And I am so grateful for that.