Monthly Archives: July 2017

They like to say in meetings that "my best thinking got me here."  This statement is usually followed with, or preceded by, more statements that basically say that one's ideas are useless and best not considered. Or only to be considered if one's mentor or sponsor approves of it.  I used to wonder at such statements, because to me they seemed to indicate that the speaker was filled with shame and self loathing.

I LOVE it that my best thinking got me here!  My thinking got me (with a little help from my family) into treatment, which then led me to a 12 step program, which taught me a way to live that has been more rewarding than I ever dreamed possible!

My point is that you can honor your thinking and your ideas.  They are leading you to a better way of living.

Is there no exception?  Is there ever a time when your thinking is simply good, and should not even be considered?  Well, yes, actually, there is.  When I was new, my perception was warped and some of my thoughts did not serve me well.  Perhaps you can identify.  But the steps allow us to correct all of that.  I love the way those steps work in my life!  They effected a profound change in my thinking and gave me a foundation for living upon which I can build.  I build upon that foundation by living in steps 10 and 11, and when I stay there, I can know that my ideas are sound.

I can know that when I get an idea, it is from the Great Reality deep within me, and I can also know that the yes is inherently built into the idea.

Anything is possible when you live in step 10 and 11.  Even ideas which seem outlandish.

What is your latest idea?  Share it!


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